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Isleande Stories

Messages of love, living, and adventure from Peta & friends.

Isleande taste: Savouring the Mayan cuisine of Rosalia Chay

by Peta P. September 23, 2020

I'm an immense fan of Chef's Table, and to my great delight this season does not disappoint. I started with an exploration into Rosalia Chay Chuc homage to her Mayan roots and her mouthwatering barbecue, known as "cochinita".

Isleande Staycation N°1

by Peta P. May 18, 2020

To get your journey going, I've been really fortunate to collaborate with music man Tommi Partynen to curate, perhaps one of the most invigorating and soulful playlists to realign your senses. His mixes are thoughtful, timely with a hint of nostalgia. And to top it off, he's such a pleasure to work with.

Isleande view: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

by Peta P. May 13, 2020

There aren’t too many places I’m willing to travel to twice. Between coordinating schedules, and picking a destination that suits everyone – well it can be nerve wracking. And travelling with the little ones? Forget it. There are so many things to consider, baggage to carry, activities to plan and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So when I do take the pilgrimage (it really is) again and again, shows just how special this place must be. And Mallorca truly is.

Isleande Brands We Love: By Hand & Heart

by Peta P. May 09, 2020

Combined with his taste for functionality, a passion for visuals and an earthy sense of touch, the designer and maker took the plunge and turned this yearning into beautiful tableware and home creations. Staying close to the source, all of Brett’s products are handmade, using impressive woods such as oak, American black walnut, and rosewood to name a few. 

Isleande Brands We Love: Katie Leamon

by Peta P. April 29, 2020

Over the course of the brand’s eight-year trajectory, Katie’s studio has expanded its product range to include gorgeous pencils – in a variety of lead sizes and types, as well as notebooks and wrapping paper featuring ethereal and quirky prints, and my personal favourite a luxurious small leather goods collection launched this year. 

5 Essential Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

by Peta P. April 19, 2020

It doesn’t have to be a stressful occasion. Try to relax, and do some preemptive work. What does dinner look like? One pot entrées are always a failsafe, as well as roasts and oven baked dishes. It’s good to know of any allergies and preferences so I recommend asking beforehand. 

Master of Craft: An Engaging Chat With Brett Manson From By Hand & Heart

by Peta P. April 19, 2020

Wood-master Brett Manson is a rarity. Warm and engaging by nature, he’s approachable and genuinely accommodating. Originally from South Africa, nowadays Brett calls Queensland, Australia home and it’s clear to see how his creations reflect this storied background.

Isleande Living: Stunning Linen and Textile Brands at Habitare, Helsinki

by Peta P. April 18, 2020

Along this vein, I’ve embraced Nordic design. Being an island girl, I’ll never give up color, but I have immense appreciation for warm wooden tones and minimalist interiors that dominate the horizons.

A Thought For The New Year

by Peta P. April 18, 2020

For this year as it unfolds, I want to take that step further. As I expand Isleande’s brand, I’m also cementing our dedication to responsibility. Responsibility to our environment, our ecology, our peers. Reevaluating what it means to be sustainable, really sustainable and not green-washing or flinging the term around because it’s trendy.

Isleande View: Strawberry Hill, Jamaica

by Peta P. March 28, 2020

Strawberry Hill is more a lifestyle personified than anything else. Though it’s raison d’être includes hotel, restaurant, and spa, it’s a popular destination for weddings and it’s not hard to see why.

5 Rainy Day Tips to Keep Your Kids Entertained

by Peta P. March 28, 2020

What to do when it’s pouring rain and going outside isn’t an option? It’s an endurance sport – little hands get into everything they shouldn’t and you’re unprepared for a day indoors. 

Isleande Style We Love: Nikari

by Peta P. March 28, 2020

Championing forward thinking designers both Finnish and internationally – Nikari fosters an environment of curiosity while embracing local materials and ecological production. 

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