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September 23, 2020 1 min read

“When I took a bite, it was one of the greatest moments in my life."

I don't usually post about food. Not because I find it unimportant, but rather, I don't want it to seem forced. In this visual medium, I try to present the best parts of my mood, the environment, the beauty of where I am at this exact moment. Keeping things as interesting and authentic to my nature. It's the reason why I may post three stories in a day, and go a whole week without a single peep. What you see, is 100% what you'll get. Also I like floral language - it brings me joy always and pardon the indulgence.

So you can imagine just how extraordinary this story has to be, for me to share it with you today. I'm an immense fan of Chef's Table, and to my great delight this season does not disappoint. I started with an exploration into Rosalia Chay Chuc homage to her Mayan roots and her mouthwatering barbecue, known as "cochinita". The above quote was from Ricardo Munoz when he first tasted it. Can you imagine just how good this had to be, for this chef - who has for the greater part of his life, lived good food - to say such a thing? This gives me life. Everytime. Whenever you get a moment, please watch on Neftlix. Even from a distance, it's impossible not to appreciate her talent.


Rosalia Chay Chuc on Chef's Table Bbq


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