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April 29, 2020 2 min read

There are few things I love more than good presentation. It speaks volumes, even if the actual product is simple. The time and effort it takes to getting all the pieces together – understanding the recipient and catering to their tastes, while adding your personal charm so the experience resonates. For this reason I go weak for handmade cards. And monogrammed initials on letterheads? Forget it – I’m immediately in love. Well-made stationery can be so elegant, the finishing touch to an otherwise blasé exchange. In fact it’s one of the things I love best about the holidays. Gold foil personal cards with letterpress elements or the sliver of silver dusted tissue paper peeking from an unmarked gift bag. I’m always scouting for new options (have to keep things fresh!), and to my immense delight I found Katie Leamon’s stationery – definitely another keeper for years to come.

It was by pure chance I came across Katie Leamon’s brand. Based in London, this family run studio is best known for hand-printed greeting cards, where each piece created uses individual polymer rubber stamps, which gives a vibrant, tactile feel to the paperworks. Thankfully she hasn’t stopped there. Over the course of the brand’s eight-year trajectory, Katie’s studio has expanded its product range to include gorgeous pencils – in a variety of lead sizes and types (how lovely is the carpenter’s pencil set?), as well as notebooks and wrapping paper featuring ethereal and quirky prints, and my personal favourite a luxurious small leather goods collection launched this year. The richness of the leather, and the understated colour palette of nude and mahogany brown is just another incredible addition to a brand that knows exactly what their customer needs.

Taken directly from Katie, the brand’s mantra reiterates ‘responsibly made products with incredible care and attention at every stage of their journey’. And it shows. Lovingly, in every product.

Wait, we’re not finished yet! You’ll be able to get these stunning pieces yourself. Katie Leamon is just one of the carefully curated brands that we’re featuring on Isleande.


Katie Leamon at Isleande


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