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  • My journey with Isleande started in 2017, inspired by an unusually hot summer in Helsinki. After struggling to find comfortable and versatile pieces for my little ones, I found myself overwhelmed by the abundance of loud prints and synthetic textures – completely unsuited for sweltering temperatures. With this in mind, I set out to create a children’s brand that celebrates my own Caribbean heritage and also reflects my love for Nordic – especially Finnish – way of life.

    A year later Isleande was founded. Starting with our signature styles the Naantali and Nagu, our mission is to create soft yet sustainable children's clothing with a focus on timeless pieces that are inspired by Nordic and Caribbean summers. Each piece is meant to be lived in and passed on – for little ones to explore the joys of recreational living, and for parents who want to pass on their way of life.

    Lots of love, Peta

  • March 28, 2020 3 min read

    After an unseasonably hot summer and the slow, sweet pace of the season bids us adieu, we’re thrust into fall weather abruptly with little hope of reprieve. Ok, cue the dramatics, it’s actually not all bad. I enjoy the crisp autumn air. Seeing the leaves change colours always captured my imagination and the drinks – glögi, cider, hot chocolate – hits the spot every time. Best yet, daycares resume so this means that I can converse with actual adults. But it also means that it’s the rainy season. And for many of us it’s a last minute chance to enjoy the summer cottage before the winter. So now you’re there every weekend. Rain or shine.

    Let the boredom games begin. What to do when it’s pouring rain and going outside isn’t an option? It’s an endurance sport – little hands get into everything they shouldn’t and you’re unprepared for a day indoors. It’s times like these you start to wonder if having the dog (you originally wanted) wouldn’t have been the better choice. Crazy thoughts, right? We all know that canine companions are infinitely easier than kids, but nothing compares to that goodnight hug, especially after spending the whole day explaining why we can’t go swimming in 10°c water. But there are other ways to appreciate rainy days at the summer cottage, and I’ve found that with a little effort and planning beforehand, these activities are actually quite fun.



    Think sweet, simple and easy. I personal love cupcakes, and my little ones enjoy squeezing on the frosting (and eating it too). But don’t feel limited. Brownies, pancakes, cheesecake popsicles, even the lattice work on pies are a fun thing for small fingers to try – with hilarious results. Just pick a recipe and a flavour that your little ones prefer and let the good times roll. For ideas try here.


    Molding Clay

    I go bananas for Playdoh. It’s fun, cheap, and the creations are different every time. I suggest getting a few different sets (this is my personal favourite), and extra dough to keep the fun going. As an extra tip, take pictures, print them out and hang them on a designated wall of inspiration. It’s nice to see the progression.


    Cosy nooks – Tepees

    Invest in a tepee if you don’t already have one. Smallable has many options but you can make our own version if you’re feeling crafty. Creating an intimate space that is easily moveable is the stuff of dreams. I personally like Granit’s tepee, as the roll down window panel is a fun feature. Best of all you can really spend time with your little one face-to-face, whether it’s reading a favourite, building a train set, or tea time – there are less distractions for both you and them. It brings you a little closer every time.



    This is a fantastic option if you have little ones under 3. Because there isn’t a lot of dexterity involved coupled with freedom of movement, I find that it really relaxes busy minds. I use large sketch pads that are foldable as they’re easy to store, and I designate a special table and stools to manage the mess. If you happen to have a patio at your cottage then I recommend taking the activity outside, as it’s less cleaning, and also it’s inspiring to look at the rain while painting!


    Treasure hunting

    Speaking of painting, Mamas and Papas, I encourage you to find your inner artist and get cracking. Create a treasure map, adding wacky details and fun obstacles along the way. It doesn’t even matter what the loot is – as long as it’s not candy (otherwise you’ll be playing pirate chest for hours). The journey is excitement enough.


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