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  • My journey with Isleande started in 2017, inspired by an unusually hot summer in Helsinki. After struggling to find comfortable and versatile pieces for my little ones, I found myself overwhelmed by the abundance of loud prints and synthetic textures – completely unsuited for sweltering temperatures. With this in mind, I set out to create a children’s brand that celebrates my own Caribbean heritage and also reflects my love for Nordic – especially Finnish – way of life.

    A year later Isleande was founded. Starting with our signature styles the Naantali and Nagu, our mission is to create soft yet sustainable children's clothing with a focus on timeless pieces that are inspired by Nordic and Caribbean summers. Each piece is meant to be lived in and passed on – for little ones to explore the joys of recreational living, and for parents who want to pass on their way of life.

    Lots of love, Peta

  • March 28, 2020 2 min read

    One thing that gets me going is good design. Not from a studied point of view. Oh God no. I barely know the difference between Bauhaus and Mid-century – but now that you know this, I’ll probably have to learn. No. What I’m talking about is the attention to detail. When you’ve worked for so long on an object or even a concept, you can shave off all the unnecessary fillings and just leave the beauty of the final product in its purest form. That, is incredible.

    It’s also quite difficult to achieve.

    Somehow Nordic designers have mastered the art of combining that deceptive simplicity with profound functionality. And Finns are in a class by themselves. But it’s not just legendary greats such as Aalto and Tapiovaara, there’s a new crop of designers who are leaving their mark. Just take a glance at Nikari. Founded in 1967, they specialize in well made wood products. Championing forward thinking designers both Finnish and internationally – the company fosters an environment of curiosity while embracing local materials and ecological production. And what a powerhouse they’ve achieved. Pieces are presented in as natural a state as possible, giving the finished product the feeling of nature all around. The timber of the varieties – ash, oak, birch, are all refined according to the unique properties of the wood.

    These pieces are designed to last, so expect a higher price tag. But finding that perfect chair for decades to come? Peace of mind.


    The collection neatly laid


    Ooof. Take in this December XL beauty

    April Tables, a reigning favourite

    Nikari, +358 10 315 1310

    Åkerraden 13, 10470 Fiskars, FI

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